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  • Raw Cacao Nibs Raw Cacao Nibs
  • Raw Cacao Nibs Criollo Variety Raw Cacao Nibs Criollo Variety


  • 100% Organic Cacao Nibs (Criollo  variety)
    • Certified Organic ( USDA, EU, JAS)
    • Raw
    • Vegan
    • Gluten-Free
    • Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free
    • Low GI
    • Pure Cacao Goodness in a bite!
    • Non-GMO


Organic Raw CACAO Nibs

Quick Overview

The Feel-Good Super-Bites

High in Antioxidants and Bliss Nutrients

In 250g and 500g resealable packs

250g resealable pack
  Quantity (packs) Price per pack (SGD) inclusive GST
Normal 1 to 2 14.90
Deal 3 to 6 14.90 13.90
Steal 7 & above 14.90 12.90

500g resealable pack
  Quantity (packs) Price per pack (SGD) inclusive GST
Normal 1 to 2 26.90
Deal 3 & above 26.90 24.90
Best Before: Aug 2021

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What Is It?

Botanical name : Theobroma cacao L., criollo variety

Nature’s Superfoods Organic Raw Cacao Nibs are premium quality organic raw cacao nibs, unroasted and unsweetened, of a rare variety, criollo (deemed as ‘king of cacao’ for its fine flavor & fragrance). Our cacao/cocoa nibs (pieces) are peeled and crushed raw criollo cacao beans that have not been roasted, thus retaining the highest possible level of antioxidants.The raw cacao beans have been lightly fermented to bring out the cocoa flavor, increase nutrient availability and reduce phytic acid content.

Out of all the whole foods that contain antioxidants, raw cacao or chocolate (not processed like your usual chocolate bar) has the highest level of antioxidants in the world, even more (by a few times) than popular foods/beverages commonly touted as being antioxidant-rich such as red wine, green tea or blueberries. Raw cacao is the No.1 antioxidant superfood in the world.

Try mixing our raw cacao nibs with your trail mix of nuts and seeds for that extra dose of antioxidants and eat them as a healthy snack. Perks you up for the day.

Organic certifications; USDA, JAS, EU. The product is also kosher and certified fair trade. Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Vegan, Raw.

This superfood is now available in net 250g and 500g resealable packs. Ingredients: 100% Organic Raw Cacao Nibs, unsweetened & unroasted.

How to Use

How to consume: Blend into smoothies, juices, for a nice chocolatey twist. Or add directly to trail mix- nuts and seeds. Or pop them into your mouth with a touch of raw honey or yacon syrup.

Health Benefits

Few actually know that the nutrient density of raw cacao benefits every function of the body. It is the highest source of magnesium (magnesium is great for the heart, also prevents diabetes, among others) and chromium (chromium is essential for metabolism of carbohydrates, controls fats and cholesterol levels in the blood) of any food! Magnesium happens to be the most deficient mineral in the average human in modern society.

Raw cacao is also a feel-good superfood with its bliss nutrients like anandamide and PEA. Makes you feel positive and energized! It has no negative side effects associated with processed or non-raw chocolate bars, such as cavities, weight gain, diabetes and the feeling of "heatiness".

Download our write-up to read more! Click on Raw Cacao Nibs and Powder

Nutrition Info

Raw Cacao has high level of antioxidants (oligomeric procynanidins, resveratrol and the polyphenols:catechin and epicatechin) as well asphenethylamine (PEA, the fee-good neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of love), tryptophan (mood-enhancer and a commonly deficient amino acid in those who consume a diet of mostly cooked food) and serotonin (a neurotransmitter that acts as a"stress defense shield" or an anti-depressant). It is also rich in magnesium, sulfur, good fats, minerals and vitamins.

Nutrition Facts

Servings per package(250g): 10
Serving size: 25g(approx. 5 teaspoons)

  Per Serving  Per 100g
Energy (Kcal.) 150.6 602.4
Protein 3.4g  13.5g
Total fat 11.7g  46.8g
Trans fat 0g  0g
Cholesterol 0mg  0mg
Carbohydrates 8.0g  31.8g
Dietry Fibre 4.5g  18.0g