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  • Organic PURPLE CORN-QUINOA Cereal 275g Organic PURPLE CORN-QUINOA Cereal 275g


  • Organic Purple Corn Flour (Whole Grain), Organic Quinoa (Whole Grain), Organic Raw Cacao Nibs, Organic Yacon Root Flour.
    • Gluten-free
    • Cane Sugar Free
    • Dairy Free, Nut Free
    • Ready to Eat, No cooking required
    • Low Glycemic Index (GI)
    • Non GMO
    • High in Fibre & Whole Grains



Quick Overview

An All-Superfood Breakfast Cereal

Ready to Eat

In net 275g resealable packs

Product of Peru

275g resealable pack
  Quantity (packs) Price per pack (SGD) inclusive GST
Normal    1 to 2 12.50
Deal   3 & above 12.50 11.90
Best Before: Jul 2021

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What Is It?

If you are looking at an honest-to-goodness ALL-superfood breakfast cereal that is gluten-free, cane sugar free, dairy-free, made of non GMO ingredients, and high in whole grains & dietary fibre, you have got to try Nature’s Superfood’s one-of-a-kind Superfood Breakfast Cereal. It is a cereal that is made ENTIRELY of four wholesome Andean Superfoods – purple corn, quinoa, raw cacao nibs and yacon. NOTHING ELSE is added. The process of making this cereal is carefully crafted to preserve the nutrients of each superfood ingredient while making them more bio-available to the human body. 

The first superfood ingredient is PURPLE CORN (whole grain). Grown in the Peruvian Andes, the Purple Corn with its beautifully deep purple kernels (purple foods are good for you!),  is one of nature’s richest sources of anthocyanin antioxidants that help protect the heart, promote blood circulation, normalize high blood pressure, and improve cholesterol levels and diabetic conditions (by enhancing glucose metabolism). Purple Corn has higher antioxidant capacity than blueberries and other corn varieties, making it an exciting new superfood of our time. Purple Corn also has higher protein and fiber content than white or yellow corn.

The second superfood ingredient is the popular QUINOA Seed (whole grain), popularly known as the Mother of All Grains. A high-protein, high-fiber  whole grain that contains all 9 essential amino acids (including lysine), B vitamins, folate, calcium, magnesium, a diverse array of antioxidants and many more nutrients. Daily consumption of Quinoa is a good way to reduce risks of such inflammation-related problems as diabetes, hypertension, etc. (including obesity).

Then comes RAW CACAO Nibs, of the premium criollo cacao bean variety. This is raw cocoa at its purest, and most non-processed and nutrient-dense state. Raw cacao is a feel-good superfood with lots of bliss nutrients (like PEA and anandamide), vitamins, minerals and high levels of heart-healthy flavonoids (that can be easily destroyed when processed into common chocolate). Raw Cacao lifts your mood, makes you feel energized, and protects your heart at the same time. The Raw Cacao Nibs in this cereal gives it a pleasant chocolatey taste.

Last but not least, we have the YACON ROOT Flour. Yacon Root is known for being a pre-biotic superfood that promotes digestion and colon health by stimulating the growth and function of “good” bacteria in the intestine.  The addition of Yacon Root lends the cereal a natural and mild sweet tone.

This breakfast cereal is 100% made from the above four power superfoods. No other ingredient is added, free from preservatives or additives.

Appearance/Color: Deep Purple
Odor/Taste : Crunchy, with hints of cocoa
Certified organic with USDA and EU. All four ingredients are certified organic superfoods.  
Product of Peru

This product has been produced free of gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, refined grains and genetically engineered ingredients.
Available in Singapore in net 275g re-sealable packs.

How to Use

Enjoy as a hot or cold breakfast cereal. Simply add to yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal, beverages, etc.

Quick recipe : Add this cereal, together with Omega 3-rich Chia Seeds, to non-dairy milk (for example almond milk); stir and let sit for a few minutes, topping it up with some bananas/cut fruits. You’ll have a healthy, balanced, quick and easy breakfast!

Add to salads for a delectable crunch.

Eat it out of the bag like a snack, makes a healthy travel food, or a snack in-between meals at the office.

Suggested servings : 2-3 servings (60-90g) a day. This is just a general guideline for those whose daily diet is balanced and rich in fruits and vegetables. There is no problem at all if you wish to consume more servings.

Health Benefits

1. A Nutrient-Dense Whole-Grain Breakfast to Start Your Busy Day
Launch your day strongly with protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals and a diverse array of antioxidants. All the goodness that you can expect from an organic whole-grain cereal, and more!
Amid the bustle of city life such as in Singapore, eating out is sometimes an inevitable option. Too often, we are faced with unhealthy options and we have no choice. The good news is we can choose to start the day well at home with a nutrient-dense breakfast, which is becoming really necessary for many working professionals, especially those who are always too busy to watch their food intake. Our Superfood Purple Corn-Quinoa Cereal makes one of the excellent, easy and fast breakfast choices you can have, without the ‘nasties’ of cane sugar, preservatives, wheat gluten, etc. that often appear on the back panels of commercial cereals.

2. Reduces Risk of Inflammation-Related Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etc.
It is known that consuming whole grains can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, and helps you manage your weight as you get hungry less easily. Strong intake of protein and fiber are two dietary essentials for the regulation of blood sugar.

3. Strengthens the Immune System
Maintaining a healthy digestive tract is a very important step towards strengthening the immune system. Our Breakfast Cereal provides high fiber content (from the largely whole-grain ingredients) and prebiotic benefits (from Yacon Root Flour) to get your digestive engine running well

4. Helps You Feel Full Longer
The high fibre as well as protein content will increase satiety while giving good nutrition for the day. You can start your day with it, or snack on it mid-day.

For more on the health benefits and recipes of the Purple Corn-Quinoa Cereal, download our write-up Organic Superfood Cereal

Nutrition Info

PURPLE CORN (whole grain). Very rich in phenolics and anthocyanin antioxidants (6 kinds of anthocyanin). Purple corn has higher antioxidants capacity than even blueberries. Much research has been done on Purple Corn, which grows in the harsh environment of the Peruvian Andes, and results have shown anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity, anti-diabetes and anti-cancer benefits. A study, by Tsuda, published in the Journal of Nutrition (2003), for example, revealed the positive effects of purple corn in preventing obesity and diabetes in mice. Purple Corn also has higher protein and fiber content than other corn varieties like white or yellow corn..

QUINOA Seed (whole grain). A high-protein, high-fiber  whole grain that contains all 9 essential amino acids (including lysine), B vitamins, folate, calcium, magnesium, a diverse array of antioxidants and many more nutrients. Quinoa is highly recommended as a great recovery food in fitness programs and in the sports circle.  As mentioned by Daniel Fairbanks, Ph.D., a professor of plant and animal science at Brigham Young University, "Quinoa is a true wonder food. It has about twice the protein of regular cereal grains, fewer carbohydrates, and even a dose of healthy fats."

RAW CACAO Nibs.  Known as the food of the gods, Raw Cacao is one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world, as affirmed by modern science. Rich in Flavonoids, Polyphenols, Magnesium, Sulfur, Good Fats, Minerals and Vitamins. Flavonoid antioxidants in cacao have significant benefits for your cardiovascular system.  Raw Cacao contains high amounts of bliss nutrients that lift one’s mood for example PEA – the adrenal-related chemical that our bodies produce when we fall in love, and anandamide – an endorphin that the human body naturally produces after exercise.

YACON ROOT.  Yacon Root (an Andean tuber) is known for being a pre-biotic superfood with very high content of FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides). FOS, a dietary fiber that is not metabolized by the body, stimulates the growth and function of “good” bacteria in the intestine – this helps promote a healthy, clean digestive track, and boosts the immune system.


Nutrition Facts

Servings per package(275g): about 9
Serving size: 4 Tablespoons (30g)

  Per Serving Per 100g 
Energy (Kcal.) 118.9 369.2
Protein 2.9g  9.7g
Total fat 2.3g 7.7g
Saturated fat 0.9g 3.1g
Trans fat 0g  0g
Cholesterol 0g  0g
Carbohydrates 24.9g  83g
Dietry Fibre 3.7g  12.4g
Sugars 1.9g 6.4g
Sodium 9.5mg 31.6mg