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  • Organic Body Retrofit Organic Body Retrofit
  • Organic Body Retrofit 100g Organic Body Retrofit 100g
  • Organic Body Retrofit for Muscle Recovery Organic Body Retrofit for Muscle Recovery


  • Organic Amaranth Powder, Organic Spirulina Powder, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Banana Powder
    • Certified Organic (EU)
    • Gluten-Free
    • Low Glycemic Index (GI)
    • No Added Sugar
    • Non-GMO
    • No Addictives or Preservatives
    • Nothing Artificial


Organic BODY RETROFIT (for Complete Protein & Immunity)

Quick Overview

Complete Protein Superfood Mix

High in Good Protein & Dietary Fibre

Nutritionist -Designed

Quick & Easy Use- Simply Add Water

In net 100g resealable packs

10 servings

Product of Singapore (imported ingredients)

100g resealable pack
  Quantity (packs) Price per pack (SGD) inclusive GST
Normal 1 to 2 15.90
Deal 3 & above 15.90 14.50
Best Before: Apr 2020

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What Is It?


If you feel it’s a hassle to decide which superfoods are good for you or which ones you need to take to fit your lifestyle, or if you are thinking “So many types of superfoods! Just give me what I need..!”, then you are exactly who we create these blends for. We carefully select and combine the most powerful superfoods from around the world, so that you get just the nutrition you want, and meet just the needs you have.

Our Superfood Blends are formulated by nutritionists with 3 aims in mind - Functionality. Taste. Convenience.

All our Superfood Blends are made of 100% wholesome superfoods, with no additives or preservatives or anything artificial

ORGANIC BODY RETROFIT is specially designed for those looking for quick-and-easy post-workout nutrition, as well as those on a moderately-high protein diet. Body Retrofit provides readily available nutrients and ALL essential amino acids for protein synthesis (muscle building) and to aid muscle recovery. This blend artfully combines various superfoods, including nutrient-dense Spirulina, to enhance nutritional value, yet not sacrificing taste. Good for children (who don’t get enough vegetables), elderly people and vegetarians as well.

The superfood ingredients in this blend are as follows:

Organic Amaranth Powder is well-known for its superior protein content, with all 9 essential amino acids. A study has shown that consuming protein before and after exercise has beneficial effects of reducing exercise-induced muscle damage and promoting muscle-protein synthesis. Amaranth is especially high in lysine, an amino acid found in lower quantities in other grains. Athletes sometimes use lysine as a protein supplement because it increases energy and stimulates muscle growth. Amaranth is higher in minerals, such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, and carotenoids, than most vegetables. It is highly recommended as a great recovery food in fitness programs and in the sports circle. 

Organic Spirulina Powder, blue green algae that is rich in chlorophyll and functions as a detoxifier. Oxidative damage to body cells occur frequently following strenuous physical activities or exercises; the main active component in spirulina, phycocyanin which gives spirulina its unique blue-green color possesses strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to fight against free radicals and oxidative damage. Studies (read more) have shown that spirulina may be beneficial to enhance endurance, and lengthen the time it takes before fatigue sets in.  In addition, spirulina is a complete source of high-quality protein and essential amino acids of high bioavailability. Its vitamin B1 content is necessary for fats and protein digestion.

Organic Chia Seeds, One of the richest plant sources of Omega-3. Chia is a superfood powerhouse with a good range of B vitamins, complete protein (all 9 essential amino acids), more calcium than milk, high levels of antioxidants, and important trace minerals such as boron, which helps prevent arthritis and osteoporosis. Chia is also a good source of dietary fibre, which helps clean the digestive tract and rid the body of toxins which can cause water retention and weight gain. With its natural complex (slow-releasing) carbohydrates, Chia makes an excellent energy-sustaining food, and are great for those with active lifestyles.

Organic Cacao Powder, 100% cocoa. Great pre-workout and post-workout food. A good source of magnesium, flavonoid antioxidants, ‘bliss’ nutrients (cacao makes you happy!), and essential minerals. Great for heart and brain health. A study has shown that dark chocolate (consumed before exercise) is helpful in reducing oxidative stress after exercise.

Organic Banana Powder.  Provides instant energy to fuel the body after extended periods of physical activities. Its high potassium content helps to deliver oxygen to the brain and maintain a regular heartbeat. Banana is also rich in Vitamin B6 which is essential for energy production.

Organic Certifications: EU

Taste: Pleasant, Neutral

This superfood is now available in Singapore in 100g resealable pouch.

How to Use


Quick & easy!  Just 1 step.

Add 2 teaspoons (10g) daily to hot/cold water, juice, smoothies, yogurt or breakfast recipes. Not more than 8 teaspoons a day (adults) and 4 teaspoons a day (children above 1 year).

Storage : Store tightly sealed pack in a cool place, best kept refrigerated.

Health Benefits

1. Sustains Energy and Prevents Exhaustion

Body Retrofit is carefully formulated to contain good complex (slow-releasing) carbohydrates and quality protein that will help to sustain energy level even after a tough workout. At the same time, the essential fatty acids and coumarin content (from cacao powder) will help to curb appetite, reducing hunger following physical activities to prevent overindulging / overeating.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Body Retrofit’s ingredients: amaranth, phycocyanin from spirulina and omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds exhibits strong anti-inflammatory properties which aid in reducing inflammation in the body and reducing oxidative stress following strenuous activities. The anti-inflammatory molecules can help to alleviate conditions like arthritis, gout and other inflammation-related issues as well as to lessen some of the post-workout muscle inflammation such as soreness.

3.Facilitates Nutrient Absorption

The dietary fiber in Body Retrofit helps improve digestion and facilitates efficient uptake of vitamins and minerals in the body. Both the soluble and insoluble fiber help to increase the peristaltic movement of digestive tract, thus removing unwanted substances from the body.

4. Aids in Muscle Recovery and Muscle Building

After a strenuous exercise session, there may be signs of muscle cramps, soreness, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. The body requires specific nutrients to repair the muscles and stabilize the blood sugar after workouts. Body Retrofit is great in providing instant energy and fuel the body with essential minerals after workouts. Its high protein content is good for tissue repair and rebuilding, which facilitates muscle building. Body Retrofit also provides important electrolytes that helps balance fluid levels in the body after workouts.

5. May Lower Cholesterol

Amaranth, spirulina and chia seeds are nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory superfoods that can help to improve cholesterol levels in the body.


Nutrition Info

AMARANTH. A high-protein, high-fiber superfood that contains all the 9 essential amino acids  (including lysine), folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium and diverse array of antioxidants and many more nutrients. It is also rich in vitamins, including A, C, E, K, B5, B6, niacin and riboflavin.  

CHIA SEEDS. Packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and dietary fibre. Chia contains 5 times more calcium than milk, and 34 times more antioxidants than blueberries. The seeds have about 20% of complete protein with all essential amino acids (EFAs) that our body cannot produce on its own.

SPIRULINA.  Incredibly high in protein (about 60%) with all essential amino acids and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients. Its high chlorophyll content makes it a natural detoxifier. Phycocyanin, an extraordinary antioxidant in Spirulina, is known to be active in preventing a host of degenerative organ diseases by increasing immunity. The iron content in spirulina is highly absorbable and its calcium content is 26 times more than the calcium in milk. Spirulina is a great source of other nutrients including vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, D, A and E. It is also a source of potassium, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, making it a nutrient-dense superfood!

CACAO. Rich in Flavonoids, Polyphenols, Magnesium, Sulfur, Good Fats, Minerals and Vitamins. Flavonoid antioxidants in cacao have significant benefits for the cardiovascular system.  Raw Cacao contains high amounts of bliss nutrients that lift one’s mood, for example PEA – the adrenal-related chemical that our bodies produce when we fall in love, and anandamide – an endorphin that the human body naturally produces after exercise.

BANANA. It is low in calories, high in nutrients and fiber (both pectin and resistant starch), which helps to reduce appetite and keeps you feeling full longer. It is a good dietary source of potassium.  Banana also contains antioxidants, including dopamine and catechins. In addition, it is also loaded with other essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin.


Nutrition Facts

Servings per package(100g): 10
Serving size: 10g (2 teaspoon)

 Nutrients Per Serving  Per 100g
Energy (kcal.) 38 382
Protein 2.7g 26.7g
Total fat 1.4g 13.9g
     Saturated fat 0.3g 2.7g
     Trans fat 0.0g 0.0g
Cholesterol 5.1g 51.5g
     Total Sugar 0.5g 5.3g
Dietry Fibre 1.3g 13.0g
Sodium 62mg 624mg