Detox Moringa-Yacon Yogurt

Looking for something fast, tasty and healthy for breakfast? The Detox Moringa-Yacon Yogurt is an excellent choice! The probiotic Greek yoghurt works excellently with prebiotic Yacon Syrup to promote good digestion and gut health, while the multi-vitamin Moringa leaf powder contains many antioxidants and nutrients that help in liver and body detoxification.


1-2 tsp Nature’s Superfoods Raw Moringa Leaf Powder

1-2 tsp Nature’s Superfoods Yacon Syrup

1 cup plain natural Greek yoghurt (unsweetened)



Add all ingredients to the yoghurt, mix and enjoy!  Optional: Top the yoghurt with Nature’s Superfoods Chia Seeds (mix into yoghurt and let sit for a while), and low-sugar fruits such as blueberries, strawberries or raspberries.



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