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  • Raw Cacao Indulgence Gift Set Raw Cacao Indulgence Gift Set


    • Certified Organic
    • Sugar Free, Dairy Free
    • Low Glycemic Index
    • Non-GMO
    • Naturally Gluten-Free
    • No Additives or Preservatives



Quick Overview

This set consists of:

Organic Raw Criollo Cacao Powder 250g

Organic Sweet Cacao Nibs (w Yacon Syrup) 150g

Cacao Indulgence Gift Set 
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What Is It?

This Cacao Indulgence Gift Set is made up of two superfoods: 

Organic Raw Criollo Cacao PowderKnown for its heart-healthy flavonoids and bliss nutrients, Raw Cacao Powder comes from raw cacao beans (unroasted- not exposed to high heat), retaining the highest possible level of antioxidants in the process. Hence, Raw Cacao has much higher level of nutrients as compared to normal Cocoa Powder which comes from roasted cacao beans. Our Raw Cacao Powder comes from a premium variety of cacao beans - criollo- grown primarily in South and Central America.

Organic Sweet Cacao Nibs (w Yacon Syrup)This is honestly the healthiest chocolate you will ever taste! Delicious too! Great for the heart and the gut, with no added sugar. Raw Cacao Nibs, coated with prebiotic Organic Yacon Syrup (naturally sweet) for guilt-free healthy indulgence. Raw Cacao Nibs, known for its heart-healthy flavonoids and bliss nutrients, are little pieces of pure unadulterated raw cacao beans (unroasted) that have been peeled and crushed. Organic Yacon Root Syrup is a natural prebiotic and low-GI root syrup that improves digestion, and aids in weight management. For health-conscious chocolate lovers. Suitable for diabetics and all ages. No added sugars.

How to Use

Organic Raw Criollo Cacao Powder: Add directly to smoothies, juices, beverages, or to recipes, for a nice chocolate twist. Or make a nice high-antioxidant chocolate drink with just healthy coconut palm sugar.

Organic Sweet Cacao Nibs (w Yacon Syrup): A great snack or a wonderful accompaniment to any recipe. Blend into smoothies, juices, for a nice chocolatey twist. Add directly to trail mix- nuts and seeds.

Health Benefits

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