Reviews on Maca Root Powder consumption


We've received quite a number of encouraging news from our customers, both men and women, who have been consuming Maca Root Powder daily. These are genuine feedback comments offered by our Singaporean consumers, and we hope to share them with you.

"My teenage son's face has cleared up quite a bit (from pimple/acnes)" - by a mother

"My young daughter's menstrual pain has lessened ever since she started consuming Maca" - by a mother

"My menopause symptom - hot flashes- are gone after a few days of consumption!" - by a middle-aged female

"I feel more energetic and alive in the daytime after consuming Maca" - by a middle-aged male

"My sinus problem has improved" - by a middle-aged female

"It has helped me in weight loss" - by a middle-aged female.

"My menstruation has been coming more regularly" - by a middle-aged female

"I feel more energetic throughout the day, and can do without my usual afternoon nap"- by a 70-year-old elderly lady

We are glad that many of our consumers have benefited from consuming Nature's Superfoods hormonal-balancing Organic Maca Root Powder , and we hope for more people to also benefit from such natural goodness. Having said that, do note that we all respond differently to the foods we consume and that what has happened to these consumers may not happen to you in the same manner or to the same degree. Nevertheless, traditionally in the Andes and South America, Maca Root has always been known to provide numerous health benefits to those who consume it including an increased libido, an improved stamina, improved fertility, etc. With the correct dosage, there are no side effects reported for this vitality-enhancing superfood.

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