Plant Protein Cake with Sacha Seeds !

Your complete protein and high Omega-3 workout recipes !
Super easy steps using Rice Cooker ONLY !. Just add plant protein, quinoa cereal, and eggs!

Ingredients( for 3 servings)

6 tablespoons Organic Plant Protein Powder
6 tablespoons Organic Instant Quinoa Breakfast Cereal
2 medium eggs
100ml water
( You may add Cacao Powder or Matcha Powder for the recipe )


1 medium size banana
1 handful Omega SACHA seeds
1 tablespoon Organic Raw Cacao Nibs 

Protein cake recipe ingredient photo

Add the protein powder, quinoa cereal ,eggs, water into a bowl. Whisk and mix until a thick batter is formed. Pour the batter into rice cooker. Cook for 10 mins. Top up with your favorite fresh fruits / Superfoods bites !

Nutritional Facts: (per serving)
Energy: 290 kcal
Protein: 32 g
Carbohydrates: 12 g
Fat: 9 g
Omega: 2614mg


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