Good old Chia Seeds and avocado for an Omega 3 breakfast, packed with healthy skin-boosting fats and antioxidants, fiber, and loads of vitamins (from Moringa).

Bottom layer :
3 tsp Nature's Superfoods Chia Seeds
Half cup almond milk(or any type of milk)
Nature's Superfoods Raw White honey  (optional)

Upper layer:
1 small avocado
1 small frozen banana
1 tsp Nature's Superfoods Moringa Leaf Powder

Add chia seeds to almond milk, stir and soak overnight to make chia pudding.

Following morning:Blend frozen banana, avocado and moringa powder with one-third cup of cold water to make a puree.  Pour puree on top of chia pudding. Top with any fruits, sweet Cacao Nibs, etc.

Add raw honey to chia pudding if you have a sweet tooth.


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