Guilt-Free Indulgences Christmas Gift Sets 2018

Enjoy and experience a wholesome new level of delightful Guilt-free Indulgences Superfoods, at incredible prices @18.60/set for a limited period of time!

Radiant and Strong Set is made up of 3 wholesome SUPERBERRIES (Mulberries - Goji Berries - Inca Berries), a youthful and healthier you, with no nasties (at all).

Hearty and Strong Set is made up of 3 wholesome SUPERBITES (Sacha Seeds - Sweet Cacao Nibs- Apricots), good for the heart and promotes a feeling of happiness.

No promo code required.  Valid until Dec 2018 only.
*Remark: Our loyal Superfriends enjoy an additional 3% off.

Share some good health with your loved ones, at affordable prices with Guilt-free indulgences Christmas Gift Sets :-)



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