Kickstart your BREAKFAST routine with Superfood BLENDS!

Too busy to eat healthy?
You are not alone – we know that most people do not eat enough fruits and veggies daily.

Our nutritionist team has designed these clean, quick-and-easy SUPERFOOD BLENDS just for you! Kickstart a  SIMPLE DAILY BREAKFAST ROUTINE with any of these blends, or alternate each blend daily to maximize your nutrient intake.


1. Organic GREEN CLEAN (for DETOX & ALKALIZING): Supergreens (chlorella, wheat grass, moringa) and flax seeds,  and lucuma help to DETOX (liver) function and strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM.  Featuring CHLORELLA - chlorophyll-rich microalgae also act as a powerful antioxidant (Glutathione) in detoxification.

HOW TO ENJOY: 2 teaspoons + 1 big glass of cold/room temperature water  15-30 min before your breakfast with lots of water for the optimum result!

2.  Organic SUPER POWERS (for ENERGY & HORMONE BALANCING): maca, cacao, carob, quinoa, chia, coconut sugar - which gives you the right nutrients (protein, complex carbs) for focused energy especially at work. It is caffeine free and a much healthier alternative for coffee. Featuring MACA- Peruvian Ginseng that helps restore the hormone balance (maybe due to stress/aging) and CACAO to give you a boost of energy and mental alertness/focus.

HOW TO ENJOY : 2 teaspoons + coffee/almond milk/soy milk in the morning (or mid-afternoon) for an energy boost!

3.   Organic BODY RETROFIT (for IMMUNITY BOOST) :  Contains all 9 essential amino acids, comprises amaranth, spirulina, cacao, chia seeds, banana. Featuring SPIRULINA - beautiful blue-green algae that have gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) act as a powerful immune booster and probiotic (helps with everything from digestion to nutrient absorption)!

HOW TO ENJOY : 2 teaspoons + a glass of chilled coconut water to enjoy a refreshing drink!

4.  Organic EASY MORNINGS (for DIGESTIVE BOOST) :  combining high-fiber superfoods - flax seeds, carob, chia seeds, cacao, banana powder to enhance FIBER (both soluble and insoluble) to aid BOWEL MOVEMENT! Featuring FLAXSEED - Rich in mucilage, a water-soluble fiber that good for intestinal health and colon cleansing.

HOW TO ENJOY : 2 teaspoons + coffee/hot drinks to top up your daily fiber requirement!

Of course, all our Superfood Blends can be added to your morning smoothie / oatmeal. Really versatile!

All our Superfood Blends are made of 100% wholesome superfoods, with no additives or preservatives or anything artificial.

What are you waiting for?
Add any of the Superfood Blends into your Breakfast routine
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