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If you are passionate about healthy superfoods that are bursting with nutrients, you have come to the right place. Here at Nature’s Superfoods, we are passionate about everyday easy-to-eat superfoods and we make it our mission to source for nature’s best superfoods from their countries of origin and make them affordable for everyone.

What’s more – you can group together with friends and family members to purchase in bulk at wholesale discounted prices! We welcome both commercial wholesale/import/export enquiries as well as end-consumer enquiries.  For end consumer enquiries,  kindly note that we are not able to deliver outside of Singapore at the moment. We provide free deliveries in Singapore for purchases of SGD120 and above.

Coming Soon......Organic Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil

Check out the new kids on the block:

NEW SHIPMENT FROM PERU : Nature’s Superfoods’ new Organic Red Quinoa Seeds and Organic Tricolor Quinoa Seeds - it is now widely termed as the “mother of all grains” as it’s close to one of the most complete natural foods (contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and phytonutrients).

NEW SHIPMENT FROM CANADA : Nature’s Superfoods’ new Raw White Honey is brought directly to you from a family-owned bee farm in Canada. Our White Honey is raw, unpasteurized (unheated) and unfiltered, and it looks deliciously creamy! A wholesome sweetener with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antioxidant properties. All natural nutrients (like vitamins, enzymes, pollen, trace minerals) are preserved. 

NEW SHIPMENT FROM MOROCCO : Nature’s Superfoods’ new Superfoods series for Skin & Haircare – Try our 100% pure deep moisturizing  Organic Triple Extra Virgin Argan Oil, or regenerating  Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Moroccan Berber women’s beauty elixirs for nourishing and protecting skin & hair. These cold-pressed oils are pure plant power for skin, chemical-free and fragrance free.

NEW SHIPMENT from CHILE: Organic Maqui Berry Powder- Freeze-Dried Whole Berry Powder that ranks highest (among all berries/fruits including acai berry) in purple anti-aging antioxidants called anthocyanins, wonderful in taste and color!

For those taking chia seeds, you can now choose between the certified organic CHIA SEEDS (Peru) and the  natural, pesticide-free CHIA SEEDS (Mexico)  on our site. Do you know that not all chia seeds are of the same quality -Follow our blog article to know the difference between  GOOD CHIA, BAD CHIA

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