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If you are passionate about healthy superfoods that are bursting with nutrients, you have come to the right place. Here at Nature’s Superfoods, we are passionate about everyday easy-to-eat superfoods and we make it our mission to source for nature’s best superfoods from their countries of origin and make them affordable for everyone.

What’s more – you can group together with friends and family members to purchase in bulk at wholesale discounted prices! We welcome both commercial wholesale/import/export enquiries as well as end-consumer enquiries.  For end consumer enquiries,  kindly note that we are unable to deliver outside of Singapore at the moment.

Coming soon in late April 2014: Mexican Black Chia Seeds
Coming soon in May 2014: Organic Freeze-Dried Maqui Berry Powder

Do you know how to spot Good Chia Seeds? – An interesting read from one of our blog articles : GOOD CHIA, BAD CHIA

BACK IN STOCK! - Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic White Quinoa Seeds, Organic Mesquite Powder, Organic Lucuma Fruit Powder, Organic Inca Berries-Raw Cacao Nib Clusters, Organic Raw Criollo Cacao Powder

Check out the new kids on the block:

NEW SHIPMENT from PERU: CERTIFIED ORGANIC BLACK CHIA SEEDS - gluten-free, non-GMO, certified organic to USDA & European Union (EU) standards, and packed with Omega 3 goodness.

Organic Superbites Series- It is possible to snack healthily. Made with your health in mind, we bring to you high-antioxidant  CHIA SEED-RAW CACAO CLUSTERS and INCA GOLDEN BERRIES-RAW CACAO CLUSTERS .Organically grown ingredients, with no additives or preservatives or cane sugar. Wholesome,yet delicious.